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Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark

The E-Commerce Trust Mark is awarded to companies which distinguish themselves through serious business transactions and customer friendliness that extends beyond the minimum statutory requirements.

The E-Commerce Trust Mark is supported and recognized by consumer protection organizations, public bodies and associations representing the industry.

The Trust Mark criteria

The criteria for the Trust Mark include the definition of new quality standards in the areas of supplier identification, contractual conditions, product descriptions, forms of payment, permissible response times, rights of cancellation and return and data protection.

The E-Commerce Trust Mark confirms the voluntary undertaking of companies to comply with the following criteria and quality features in conducting electronic business and other electronic transactions with consumers according to consumer protection laws.

The criteria to award the Trust Mark are mainly focused on the requirements of Austrian law (e.g. Section 5a ff. Konsumentenschutzgesetz [“Consumer Protection Act”], Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch [“Civil Code”], EU legislation (e.g. Remote Sales Directive, Directive on Electronic Business Transactions) and international guidelines (e.g. OECD Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce).

The Trust Mark criteria regulate the process and the conditions of electronic commercial transactions for those companies permitted to carry the Trust Mark. They do not give any information about the quality or other performance characteristics of the products and services offered by the users of the Trust Mark.

Application for certification

For shops that want to be certified in Austria, please use our registration form to become a certified shop.

We will get in personal contact with you as soon as we have received your application in order to confirm it.

After receiveing your written order we will start the certification process.

We guarantee a quick an non-bureaucratic process as well as a strict control of the implementation of our quality guidelines.

Certification costs and yearly fees


The certification costs consist of the costs of the examination and the annual fee.

Costs of the examination:

For small companies the flat-price is from Euro 550 (1 to 3 employees) up to  Euro 1.650 (>100 employees).
Every company gets a cost calculation and the specifications of our services. After getting your order we will start the certification process. All costs are in EURO excl. VAT.

Annual fee:

The annual fee for our services depends on the number of employees. All costs are in EURO excl. VAT.

Number of employees Annual fee €/year
1 - 3 550,-
4 - 10 660,-
11 - 30 880,-
31 - 100 1.100,-
more than 100 1.650,-

Certified companies

Here you can find all companies certified by Austrian E-Commerce-Trust-Mark.

Complaints, ADR-provider, dispute settlement guidelines

All shops with the Austrian E-Commerce-Trust Mark are examined once a year and oblige themselves to fulfill the criteria.

Since all certified shops have agreed to obey our out-of-court arbitration center, we are able to solve problems quickly and without any costs for you as a consumer.

ADR-provider (Alternative Dispute Resolution) by the Internet Ombudsmann, dispute settlement guidelines

All companies certified with the Austrian E-Commerce-Trust Mark are contractually bound to fulfill the problem solutions provided by our ADR-system named "Internet Ombudsmann". They have to follow the dispute settlement guidelines. If the company does not react to the solutions of the ADR-provider in time, it gets a second time limit to fulfill. After the second period without a solution, the Trust Mark will be revocated, the company´s name is made public on our website www.guetezeichen.at and the company has to pay the agreed penalty.
The ADR-provider of the Trust Mark named "Internet Ombudsmann" is an official ADR-provider in Austria and the European Union and is costless available for all consumers.

Terms and conditions

Contents of the Website www.guetezeichen.at are copyright protected. Copy or use of our content- especially for commercial purposes - is prohibited.

We can not guarantee for the correctness of our contents. We are exclusively responsible for damage with intention and rough negligence (except personal injuries), which must be proven by the damaged party.

Linking to other sites is only an additional source of information. We declare expressivly that we have no influence on linked sites and therefor can not be made liable for the contents of linked sites.

Data protection:
The Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark uses your data in compliance with the data protection law. We are not liable for third party fault.
Your data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances without your agreement.

You have the right to know how we use your data, the right of delition of your data and the right to withdraw your permission to use your data, to the extent permitted by law.

Data information: office@guetezeichen.at

® The Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark is - following Austrian Trust Seal regulations - a registered Trade Mark (patent pending) of the Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark Organisation.
Therefor it is prohibited to use the Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark and the Euro-Label without our permission.

Exclusive venue and place of delivery is Vienna. Our business language is German. Prices are in EURO. The warranty takes place according to the legal regulations. Our business relations are restricted to entrepreneurs. Payment is in cash. We don´t use cookies or Google Analytics®. Validity of prices: The validity of our prices is not limited. The contract period starts with the day of certification and extends for a further period of one year, if there is no cancellation until latest one month prior to the expiration of the using-period of one year is available. The same agreement is valid for all further periods. The right of withdrawal is excluded between entrepreneurs. The beginning of the cetrification takes place 1 week after the receipt of payment. The contract for certified companies is available here in German language. Please contact us for an English version of the contract.

(Terms and conditions are valid from 09/2009)

Imprint and contact

The Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark
Österr. E-Commerce Gütezeichen - Verein zur Förderung der kundenfreundlichen Nutzung des Internet
c / 0 ÖIAT (Austrian Institute for applied Telecommunication)

A-1030 Vienna, Ungargasse 64-66/3/404
T: 01/595 21 12,
F: 01/595 21 12 99 (9 am to 5 pm)
Information, data information and complaints: office@guetezeichen.at,
W: www.guetezeichen.at

UID Nr.: ATU53947804
holder, editor, publisher: Österr. E-Commerce Gütezeichen - Verein zur Förderung der kundenfreundlichen Nutzung des Internet
Chairman: Jürgen Gangoly
Vice-chairman: Dr. Gerhard Laga
Secretary: Dr. Gerhard Laga
Cashier: Thorsten Behrens
Adress: A-1030 Vienna, Ungargasse 64-66/3/404

Purpose of the association: To operate the E-Commerce Gütezeichen (E-Commerce Trust Mark) incl. an ADR-provider
Legal form: Non-profit association (Registration number (ZVR-Nahl): 044117305)
Competent authority: Bundespolizeidirektion Wien, 1010 Wien, Schottenring 7-9, Commercial regulations: www.ris.bka.gv.at

Main orientation of the medium: Certification of websites with the E-Commerce Trust Mark, to provide informations about E-commerce law, consumer protection law, promotion of an ADR-provide

Project partners / About us

This Trust Mark is developed and managed in co-operation with:
Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Austrian Economic Chambers, The Federal Chamber of Labour

Initated by the Austrian Institute for applied Telecommunications - ÖIAT.

The initial financing for the project was granted by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Austrian Federal Chamber for Labour.